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  Write an essay based on the chart below, in your writing, you should

  1)Interpret the chart and

  2)Give your comments

  You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET (15points)


  As is depicted by the pie chart, the author is trying to show factors why consumers choose a restaurant in a certain city. According to the data reflected by the chart, it is not hard to see that speciality can be the most important factor to choose a canteen for consumers, which takes up 36.38%. however, other factors including service, environment and price account for 26.8%, 23.8% and 8.4% respectively. These statistics reflect an thought-provoking phenomenon.

  There are two reasons accounting for this situation reflected by the chart above. The most important factor we should take into consideration is the rapid economic development and the growth of purchasing power, which can explain the reason why the price takes up the smallest proportion in these factors when consumers choose canteen. Moreover, there is no deny in saying that an increasing number of people are paying closer attention to the new taste and fresh feeling which lead to the result that a large group of people choose restaurants according to the level of speciality.

  Based on the analysis made above, it is safe to say that there is a tendency for people to choose a canteen largely depend on the speciality in the coming years. On the contrary, people will continue to pay increasingly less attention on the price.


  根据图表可知,作者想要展示某市顾客就餐时考虑的因素。在顾客选择餐厅时,特色占据最重要的因素占36.38%,其他的因素比如服务,环境和价格分别占26.8%, 23.8%和8.4%。这幅图反映了一个令人深思的社会现象。