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1. 老师坚持让他在开始写报告之前再读一遍这本书。

  The teacher insists on he reading zhe book again before he writes the report.

  2. 这个年轻人友好地回答这个陌生人问题,好像在同好朋友讲话。

  The young man replys on the stranger queations friendly, likes talk with a good friend.

  3. 我怀疑这家工厂什么质量控制也没有,经过一周的观察,我发现情况果真如此。

  I doubted there was noting quality contral in the factory, after observed a week, I found it’s truth.

  4. 有关这个疾病传播知识很少以至于人们担心正常的社会接触。

  There was a few knowledge about the illness, so people worried about the natural social touch.

  5. 我上汽车不久就注意到一个外貌很怪的男人。他穿着一件不合身的上衣,一动不动地坐在位子上。

  When I get on the bus, I found a oddball man, his clothing flyaway, sit on his seat.