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  At a recent economic discussion, he said the rising number of car and house purchases, the vigor of regrouped State-owned enterprises and foreign investment and trade will mean continuous progress in China's economic development.

  Pushed along by the United States, China and India, world growth in 2006 is likely to continue, albeit at a slightly slower rate than in 2005, said some experts. Meanwhile, possible expansion in the Japanese economy and the euro zone could also offer some support for global momentum.

  "China, in turn, will benefit from world growth, which will create more investment opportunities," said the vice-president of the Overseas Economy Research Institute affiliated to the National Development and Reform Commission.

  Despite rapid economic progress, growing inequality between the rich and the poor, a very tough job market, higher prices and a grim workplace safety record have been troubling the government, said a senior sociologist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.