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1 世界上最高的山是喜马拉雅山(Himaiayas)The highest mountain in the world is Himaiayas.2 尼罗河(Nile)是世界上最长的河流Nile is the longest river in the world.3 世界上最小的鸟是蜂鸟(hummer)The smallest bird in the world is the hummer.4 世界上最大的鸟是鸵鸟(ostrich)The biggest bird is the ostrich.5 世界上最大的国家是俄罗斯(Russia)The largest country in the world is Russia.

1,many famous doctors are doing medical reserch on cancer.2,traditional Chinese medical science is welcomed overseas.3.if you change the time to meat him, i will a meaasge for you.4,stuents often treat lily wrongly as her twin sister.5,Don't put these books mix-up, we must put them orderly