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  首先,在托福独立写作中,我们少不了对论点提供例证。在举例子的时候,我们首先要注意的问题是用词的正式性。成 都 雷 哥 托 福 的小 雷 哥今天带大家来看看写作怎么花式做。


  Fast food has a high content of fat and sugar which can lead to serious health issues, like obesity and cardiac diseases, when eaten in quantity.

  作者对serious health issues 引出例子时用的是like,就像很多同学一样。但是like一般只用于对话和口语中,出现在作文中会显得很不正式。所以建议换成 such as 或者 namely。

  其次,大多数同学习惯的模式是:先写出观点句,然后给出几个例子。但总是用这个模式,会显得表达不够多样化, 所以同学们可以尝试着把例子提前。

  Obesity and cardiac diseases are typical examples of the health issues that can be faced by people who regularly consume food with a high fat and sugar content.

  ......are typical examples of

  ......can serve as compelling examples of

  最后,使用exemplify 来举例子。比较一下以下两个举例子的句子:

  An increasing number of people are eating unhealthy food regardless of the health warnings.

  1.For example, about 70% of people working in the U.S. resort to buying ready-made meals for convenience rather than doing home cooking.

  2. This is exemplified by the 70% of working people in the U.S. who resort to buying ready-made meals for convenience.




  2. 不要总是使用 for example来引出例子。用For instance, to illustrate, as an illustration, to give a clear example...就可以在不改变语法结构的情况下直接替换for example。在写完作文以后,回过头浏览一遍,用这些词替换重复的for example

  3. 通过......are typical examples of ;......can serve as compelling examples of等句式,来强调突出你的例子, 还能使句式更多样化。

  4. exemplify可以用来突出你想进一步展开的例子,进一步体现你的表达的多样化